Bring Hockey Back To Richmond
UPDATE: Sadly we have had yet another disappointing end to the potential return of hockey to Richmond. While everything appeared to be in place from a league and potential owner standpoint, Richmond city council has once again refused to take the necessary action to allow the required real estate development project to move any closer to fruition. As reported by WTVR, the project was voted down by a 5-4 vote! Thus ending (for now) any hopes of a hockey team being located in the area. Fans of the game are a die hard breed and will continue to pursue all available options until such time that a team is finally skating here again. Please continue to show your support by backing the efforts on the Bring Hockey Back to Richmond facebook page. Thank you.
Bring Hockey Back to Richmond is an online fan driven initiative that was formed to preserve the history of ice hockey in the River City while at the same time rebuilding a once large and proud fan base by adding new fans that have the passion to see professional hockey return to Richmond. The group maintains a very popular Facebook page that currently has over 8,000 like and 7800 followers as it continues to grow on a daily basis. Please feel free to join the effprts.
Bring Hockey Back To Richmond
Beyond the virtual interaction, the group has been active in the Richmond Sports community by supporting:
  • The Flying Squirrels AA Professional Baseball team for Hockey Night to benefit area youth hockey.
  • A group event for The Richmond Raiders Arena Football team at the Coliseum.
  • The Richmond Generals Junior A hockey team's Pro Hockey Fan Fest.
The Buzz that Bring Hockey Back to Richmond has generated for the sport has attracted our local CBS, ABC, and NBC news affiliates and other various media outlets in and around Richmond. Bring Hockey Back to Richmond's end goal has always been to attract a league and ownership that will return professional hockey to Richmond Virginia.
Interested parties may reach Alan Sams, the social media coordinator for Bring Hockey Back To Richmond, using clicking the Contact Us link above. To follow us on Twitter please follow @RVAHOCKEY.
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